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Blacker Yarns has probably the largest collection of natural yarns from a wide range of Britain’s sheep breeds in one place.

Search for British natural yarns for hand knitting and there are a number of suppliers and manufacturers in the UK. Start looking for yarn on the cone for machine knitting and the search narrows to only a handful.

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Beautiful natural yarns from British sheep

I found Blacker Yarns whilst looking for a natural undyed yarn with a soft and luxurious handling quality, and of course it had to come from British sheep.

Instantly struck by the variations of breed, colours and yarn weights, it was clear that this was where I would find my quarry.

Blacker Yarns incredibly well presented website instantly allowed me to choose from yarn breed origin, yarn weight or type and even scoured carded fleece.

The site also has a wealth of information about the different fleeces /yarns which helps when choosing a yarn for a particular project and their use of high quality images gives a very good idea of the texture and quality of the yarn. ¬†Videos taking you on a short “mill tour” add a friendly and welcoming touch.

Yarns are available in an extensive range of weights and include everything from fine 2 ply to chunky.

Blacker Yarns range of over 150 knitting yarns are all made from natural wool, mohair and alpaca, and all come from British sources, mostly the UK, but also the Falkland Islands.

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Stunning, sophisticated colours


Gone are the false garish colours found in many fashion offerings from the high street.  Instead, you will find a rich palette of undyed yarns the way nature intended and coloured, overdyed yarns which retain the beauty and depth of the wool fibre, enhanced with natural stylish and sophisticated colours.

About Blacker Yarns

Blacker Yarns was created from the knitting yarns side of Blacker Designs which was launched in 2008 as a brand of The Natural Fibre Company, a specialist wool mill at Launceston on the Devon-Cornwall border.

So as well as buying British wool for Blacker Designs’ scarves, throws, cushions and blankets, they also use the wool for their own range of specialist knitting yarns sold under the Blacker Yarns brand.

The mill specialises in adding value to fleece supplied by farmers and turning it into high-quality knitting yarn which they can sell for themselves and generate a new or growing source of income from their flock.

Although wool has been spun at The Natural Fibre Company since 1991, the services have changed dramatically since 2005 when managing director Sue Blacker and her family bought the company from its previous owners.

Moving the company from Lampeter in Wales to a new home in Cornwall at Launceston on the Devon border, signalled the start of a minor revolution.

Worsted spinning was introduced in 2007, and the summer of 2008 saw the birth of an on-line shop and a dye plant. As well as matching specialist colours supplied by customers, the dye plant is also producing its own range of yarns in a range of colours carefully created to tone with the natural fibre colours.

To compliment Blacker Yarns, Sue Blacker also retails quality, knitted items, knitting kits and her range of unique patterns.

Blacker Yarns is an absolute treasure trove which knitters, weavers and spinners will keep coming back to time after time.

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Blacker Yarns – Premium quality, British yarns.

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