Yeoman Yarns

Suppliers of yarns and wools for machine & hand knitting.

A family-run business for over 25 years … still thriving & growing, based on a rapid service, high quality and sensible prices.

Yeoman Yarns imageSuppliers to home knitters and designer knitwear businesses – Great range and flexible product supply for genuine small business.

Suppliers of industrial yarns throughout Europe to companies manufacturing for the Retail/High Street trade from chain stores to boutiques.

Exclusive partners and customers to some of the finest Italian spinners, giving a unique product base, strict control of quality, changing colour selection each season, & an important “inside track” to what’s new & fashionable in the world of textiles.

Export; Anywhere in the world, more or less, we just add the extra carriage & of course you can ask us by e-mail for a price quotation before your order.

Yeoman Yarns have a secure online store and are always available to give you help and advice…it’s best to e-mail, but also phone Monday-Friday, if you prefer.

Visit the Yeoman Yarns website

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